Young Scientist Research 

Vol. 1, Nov. 2017

ISSN: 2588-5111

Ball in a Tube

* Mobin Moradi
School: Allameh Helli 1

* Corresponding Author:

In this article we want to analyze the motion of a ball in a rotating tube of water .We start with calculating the pressure in a rotating tube and finding the overall shape of water in rotating cylinder ,considering the conservation of the water inside it. Finally, after finding the volume that is occupied by the ball in the water …  Moradi p3-6

Constructing a Petri Dish with Capping Ability and  the Ability of Adjusting inside Aeration

*Haniyeh Hosseinzadeh,Kimia Abbassi Ghamsari
* Corresponding Author:
School: Farzangan 6

Standard Petri dishes have bubble-free construction to evenly spread cell growth. High-quality plates have a translucent longevity for high-resolution microscopic studies Disposable or reusable petri dish surfaces come non-treated or treated for cell attachment. Multi-well designs allow simple side-by-side comparisons…  Hosseinzadeh p7-8

Studying the Effects of Nigella Sativa and Honey on the Rat Immune System

* Mahsa Dehghanmanshadi
* Corresponding
School: Farzanegan 6

The immune system is a host defense system comprising many biological structures and processes. It must detect a wide variety of agents, known as pathogens…   Manshadi P9-10

Green Nanotechnology Approach in Manufacturing  of CaCO3 Nanoparticles from Eggshell

* Dahlia Davoudi
* Corresponding Author:
School: Farzanegan 1, Karaj

Nanotechnology is a broad term that refers to all the advanced technologies in the field of work at the Nano scale. Green nanotechnology is the study of how nanotechnology can benefit the environment such as by using less energy during  …  Davoudi P11

The Intelligent Amelioration System for Postural Deformities

* SeyedehSara Jalilishani
* Corresponding Author:
School: Farzanegan 3

Postural deformities are spreading among people at the meantime. In postural deformities, there is an imbalance in the loads imposed on different areas. Various types of postural deformities are Spinal curvature, Flat foot, …  jalili P12-13

Designed Shoes to Prevent Disease Progression Based on the Pattern of Pressure Sensitive Parts of the Foot

*Fazeleh Shamsabadi
* Corresponding Author:
School: Farzangan , Sabzevar

The ability to walk properly is necessary to prevent injury. Strong muscles and joints with the mobility are needed to create an efficient and appropriate cycle. Walking is one of the easiest cardio exercises you can do,…   shamsabadi P14-15

    Magnus glider

    Corresponding Author: Pardis Rafeii
    School: Farzanegan2

    Stretch the free end of the elastic band and then release the glider. Investigate its motion.” Magnus effect has been seen on many flying balls and cylinders like golf balls and etc. it cause the object to curve away from its principal flight path. In base ball matches when player hits the ball, the ball moves in a certain flight path which is somehow like sagittal diagrams in mathematics…Rafeii P33-37

    Crazy Suitcase

    * Sara Eyvazi

    * Corresponding Author :
    School: Emam Mohammad Bagher

    When two wheel’s suitcase is pulled along, under certain circumstances it can wobble side to side so strongly to the limit that it may turn over. Study this phenomenon. Can it be suppressed or intensified by changing of the luggage packing? By hypothesis such as balance condition and several experiments, important parameters have been investigated…eyvazi P38-41 

    ساخت پتری­دیش با قابلیت بسته نگه داشتن درب و تنظیم هوادهی به داخل آن

    * حانیه حسین زاده، کیمیا عباسی قمصر
    پژوهش زیست شناسی، دبیرستان فرزانگان6، تهران

    پتری دیش ها ظروفی بشقاب مانند و درب دار بوده که عموما از آن برای کشت میکروارگانیسم ها استفاده می شود. بين دو کفه اين ظروف هيج اتصالی موجود نيست و به راحتي از هم جدا مي شوند به همين دليل هنگام باز كردن بسته هاي استريل پتری دیش ، بايد نهايت دقت در حمل آن ها و نگهداري کلیه پتری دیش های مصرفی و باقي مانده در بسته، انجام شود تاHosseinzadeh Farsi P43-45

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    Cooling Rack for Keeping Microtubes in Laboratories

    (a) Rojina Nikfarman Motlagh,( b) Mina Ghiasi
    * Corresponding Authors: (a),



    Coffee Cup

    Elahe Ahmadi   , Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

    Nikfarman , Ahmadi P46