Magazine issue: Vol. 193, No. 1, January 20, 2018, p. 32

Jupiter’s massive Great Red Spot is at least 350 kilometers deep

NEW ORLEANS — Jupiter’s Great Red Spot has deep roots. Data from the first pass of NASA’s Juno spacecraft over the incessant storm show that its clouds stretch at least 350 kilometers down into the planet’s atmosphere. That means the storm is about as deep as the International Space Station is high above the Earth…

Frosted glass enhances holographic displays

© spanteldotru/E+/Getty

© spanteldotru/E+/Getty

Holograms, 3D images that can be viewed by the naked eye, have been made bigger and easier to view by controlling the usually disruptive scattering of light…

How freezing a soap bubble turns it into a ‘snow globe

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Frigid air can transform an ordinary soap bubble into a glittery “snow globe.” No shaking required.

When a bubble is placed in a freezer set to –20° Celsius, delicate ice crystals swirl gracefully across the soapy film, gradually growing larger until the bubble freezes solid. The phenomenon can also be observed when blowing soap bubbles outside in wintry weather. Although the process is captured in a number of YouTube videos (see examples here, here and here), it lacked a scientific explanation. Researchers from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg explained the physics behind the miniature snowstorm on November 20, during the American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics meeting in Denver…